Exploring the Early Spring Sky

Worth a read if you are nerdy. ūüôā

Late Night Astronomy

Returning to Deep-sky objects
Even though Roanoke County has a¬†decent amount of light pollution, probably a 4 or 5 on the Bortle Scale, there are still a great deal of¬†Galaxies, Star Clusters and Nebula visible in the night sky.¬†These¬†DSOs (Deep-sky objects), provide challenging yet rewarding targets for most¬†amateur astronomers. With the assistance of Skysafari 4‚Äôs ‚ÄúTonight‚Äôs Best‚ÄĚ guide and the Intelliscope Computer Object Locator of the¬†XT8i,¬†the location of¬†some of these more difficult to find highlights of the early spring sky came into view.

March 29, 2016: Highlights
Beginning in the Western portion of the sky, M38, the Starfish Cluster, was visible around 9:05 PM. While observing M38, a satellite passed through the field of view. These kinds of events are pretty common seeing as how many objects are in orbit. To the upper right of the Starfish Cluster, NGC 1907 barely registered as a slight blur at low magnification using averted vision. Moving over to…

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World MS day 2019

Folks, please remember: today is World MS Day.

My life with MS and other idiosyncrasies!

Apparently today is World MS day.


And today my work colleagues received a Pride of Airedale award as Team of the Month for their disability inclusiveness towards me and the ‚Äėidiosyncrasy‚Äô that is MS. I nominated them because they have all been absolutely amazing, accepting me and my funky scooter and helping open doors and fetch things and come to me for meetings, making me coffee, fetching me bacon butties from the canteen on Friday mornings‚Ķthe list goes on! It is such a fab team to work in. ūüėä

Thank you team…!

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Blog: Twinwood Festival 2016

I’m not normally keen on rude words and profane language, but this singer is hilarious!

Listen to his song here!

Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. - 1940s Style Entertainer.

picSo this year I got some very exciting news! I had been booked to play on a new exclusivly 1940s stage at Twinwood Festival which took place last weekend, The Liberty Stage!

The aim of the stage was to showcase the traditional 1940s Twinwood spirit and would feature both solo acts and much loved singing trios such as Alex Jones, Miss Em Vintage, The Spitfire Sisters and The Glamophones to name a few!

I was thrilled to compere at such a big vintage festival and got to work the stage alongside veteran vintage stage manager Chris White. We had a truly fantastic weekend, the weather held (for the most part!), I got to showcase some new material, I got to wear my beautiful new 20th Century Chap suit and I think we were a big hit with the festival visitors. But take a look at the pics and see…

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Blog tour

Please take time to read LIz’s blog.

Liz Taylorson

blogtour manor

I’m on (virtual) tour of all these lovely book blogs over the next couple of weeks.  Please check them out (not just for my reviews but for lots of other bookish content too).

Authors would be nowhere in this fast moving world of social media without the encouragement of book bloggers, who share their knowledge and experience, their help and support, freely and generously.

And apologies for being a day behind with my posting ‚Äď this should have been yesterday, but I got a bit confused with the dates and scheduled it wrongly!

And a huge thanks to Tracy Fenton and my publisher, Manatee Books for sorting out this tour for me.

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The inspiration behind Misterley Manor- Grey Towers.

In one word: wow!

Such a fascinating history. Many thanks to the author!

Liz Taylorson

Misterley Manor, the setting for ‚ÄúThe Manor on the Moors‚ÄĚ was partly inspired by Grey Towers, a mansion to the south of Middlesbrough. My imaginary house is larger and built fifty years later, and it sits on the edge of the moors, rather than the edge a town, but it shares a heritage with Grey Towers, both historically and in the landscape of my imagination.

image1 (17)

Grey Towers seen through the branches of the old orchard.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Middlesbrough was an expanding town with a bright future. ‚ÄúThe Infant Hercules‚ÄĚ of iron and steel production run by ironmasters with solid, resonant names. Bolckow and Vaughan. The Bells. Dorman and Long. Swann. And these ironmasters had the wealth to build themselves impressive new homes around Middlesbrough, just as Sir Edward Lattimore does in¬† ‚ÄúThe Manor on the Moors‚ÄĚ.

image1 (18) Grey Towers, front

One of these ironmasters’ houses…

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