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I’m on (virtual) tour of all these lovely book blogs over the next couple of weeks.  Please check them out (not just for my reviews but for lots of other bookish content too).

Authors would be nowhere in this fast moving world of social media without the encouragement of book bloggers, who share their knowledge and experience, their help and support, freely and generously.

And apologies for being a day behind with my posting – this should have been yesterday, but I got a bit confused with the dates and scheduled it wrongly!

And a huge thanks to Tracy Fenton and my publisher, Manatee Books for sorting out this tour for me.

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The inspiration behind Misterley Manor- Grey Towers.

In one word: wow!

Such a fascinating history. Many thanks to the author!

Liz Taylorson

Misterley Manor, the setting for “The Manor on the Moors” was partly inspired by Grey Towers, a mansion to the south of Middlesbrough. My imaginary house is larger and built fifty years later, and it sits on the edge of the moors, rather than the edge a town, but it shares a heritage with Grey Towers, both historically and in the landscape of my imagination.

image1 (17)

Grey Towers seen through the branches of the old orchard.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Middlesbrough was an expanding town with a bright future. “The Infant Hercules” of iron and steel production run by ironmasters with solid, resonant names. Bolckow and Vaughan. The Bells. Dorman and Long. Swann. And these ironmasters had the wealth to build themselves impressive new homes around Middlesbrough, just as Sir Edward Lattimore does in  “The Manor on the Moors”.

image1 (18) Grey Towers, front

One of these ironmasters’ houses…

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How to Select Images for your Website

I loved point 4. Not forgetting models laughing their heads off while eating their bowls of salad…

Zoe Buckingham's Blog

I’ve written on this issue before and to be honest, I could write about it dozens of times. It is incredibly hard to pick images for websites and worth all the time and attention that you can throw at it.

We’re currently working on a new Zoe Buckingham Ltd website (coming soon!) and I have to say that selecting images for your own website is much harder than selecting images for someone else’s! I guess it’s all too close up and personal.

Without knowing your company, it’s hard to guide you on the right style for your site, but I’d like to give you some pointers from a stylistic perspective that really are worth considering.

  1. This is the most important point… The images must be similar stylistically. For example, choose all photographic images or all illustrations. Don’t mix the two. It simply doesn’t work. To fine tune this, if you…

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