March 1-13th 2019

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Real lump in throat material.


Chair of LGBT Lib Dems Quits Party Over Phillip Lee — Guido Fawkes

The chair of the Liberal Democrat LGBT wing has resigned from the party following Phillip Lee’s defection to them. “I thought we had a soul and principles.” Read her full statement here: “I’m feeling devastated. The powers that be have let Philip Lee in. A homophobe, a xenophobe, and someone who thinks people should be…

via Chair of LGBT Lib Dems Quits Party Over Phillip Lee — Guido Fawkes

On being assaulted in church


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It has taken me over a year to decide whether or not to write this blog. However, considering the discussion at General Synod regarding the clergy well-being covenant I felt it time to write this. Indeed if one thing comes out of this for every clergy person then that is good, that one thing being a system for dealing with profoundly disturbed and challenging intruders in services then it is worth this moment of self revelation. I do not write this seeking any form of sympathy or out of any misguided form of self-pity. Those who know me know that I am not at all like that.

‘Where does it say in the Bible that priests can be gay. You are an abomination. You are gay. You know why I am here. I am here to destroy you. I have come to destroy you.’

These were the words shouted at…

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Exploring the Early Spring Sky

Worth a read if you are nerdy. 🙂

Late Night Astronomy

Returning to Deep-sky objects
Even though Roanoke County has a decent amount of light pollution, probably a 4 or 5 on the Bortle Scale, there are still a great deal of Galaxies, Star Clusters and Nebula visible in the night sky. These DSOs (Deep-sky objects), provide challenging yet rewarding targets for most amateur astronomers. With the assistance of Skysafari 4’s “Tonight’s Best” guide and the Intelliscope Computer Object Locator of the XT8i, the location of some of these more difficult to find highlights of the early spring sky came into view.

March 29, 2016: Highlights
Beginning in the Western portion of the sky, M38, the Starfish Cluster, was visible around 9:05 PM. While observing M38, a satellite passed through the field of view. These kinds of events are pretty common seeing as how many objects are in orbit. To the upper right of the Starfish Cluster, NGC 1907 barely registered as a slight blur at low magnification using averted vision. Moving over to…

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World MS day 2019

Folks, please remember: today is World MS Day.

My life with MS and other idiosyncrasies!

Apparently today is World MS day.

And today my work colleagues received a Pride of Airedale award as Team of the Month for their disability inclusiveness towards me and the ‘idiosyncrasy’ that is MS. I nominated them because they have all been absolutely amazing, accepting me and my funky scooter and helping open doors and fetch things and come to me for meetings, making me coffee, fetching me bacon butties from the canteen on Friday mornings…the list goes on! It is such a fab team to work in. 😊

Thank you team…!

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