I’m a fan of Germany.  I tell Brits, Germany is like Britain… just better-run.  Germany is a wonderful land.  And so is this instrumental by The Shadows.  (Hank Marvin is like Ricky King – but better.)

Have a wonderful day, won’t you!


I haven’t heard that for ages!

There was a singer in the 1960s by the name of Marty Wilde.  He had a daughter, who nowadays presents gardening programmes.  Germans who visit Schley might be interested.  Back in the 1980s, however, Kim Wilde was much more famous for hits like this Knaller from 1981.

Have a Wilde day, won’t you!


Mach mal lauter – Genosse!

I stumbled upon this rather catchy and somewhat haunting tune when watching Das Leben der Anderen back in 2007.  This song was playing in the background in a cafe scene.  A quick bit of Google research, and I found it.  I think it was the best thing to come out of East Germany apart from the Trabant.  (Maybe not.)

Have a frank day, won’t you!

Mach mal lauter!

A lot of people forget that Elton John, notwithstanding his array of hits, did not have a solo number 1 until relatively late in his career, namely Sacrifice.

This following song was his first number 1, a duet with Kiki Dee from 1976.  BFBS Germany was constantly playing it.  That’s why it’s embedded in my memory.  (Oh, and the dungarees…)

Have a heart-breaking day, won’t you!