Musical Interlude

Enough of the people analysis.  Enjoy this classic from the 70’s.

Have a sweet day, won’t you!


Pads Brat Ways: Part 94

I’ve been off ill the past three days.  Bit of a cold/man flu.  Symptoms not important.  I think of how the pads brat/military family attitude varies from that of “bl00dy civvies.”

Had I been ill with these symptoms as a pads brat, what would my mum have said?  Probably:

You’re still bl00dy well going to school in the morning.  I’m not having you staying at home, coughing and spluttering, like you’re bl00dy well going to die, making the bl00dy place look untidy.

Maybe on a good day, i.e. when I was off my food and sweating like a menopausal woman sitting in a sauna after eating a vindaloo curry, she’d relent and even let me lie on the living room sofa and even, and even, let me watch Crown Court, with its Ohrwurm theme tune, on TV.

Mhairi, author of the excellent Diary of the Menopause blog, may hopefully one day tell us of the day her mother sent her to school, when Mhairi had mumps.  Yes, mumps, fellas!  Ouch!

Instead, the last three days, I’ve been watching Auf Wiedersehen Pet on DVD and a few documentary programmes about the fall of the GDR, Unsere Republik.  On my own.  In peace and quiet.

Today I got bored senseless and left my house to go shopping.

Have a healthy day, won’t you!

Reasons to be cheerful

Yes, I was a fan of Ian Dury, in case you have that earworm ringing in your head.

Reasons to be cheerful today:

  1. While sitting in the Johanniskirche in DUS this evening, I lit a votive candle and asked God to give me hope on the job front.  Twenty minutes later, I switched my mobile on.  Missed call.  Rang the number back.  “Herr GermanGinge, we’d like to invite you to an interview next Tuesday.  Is that ok?”  Oh yes!
  2. I found out that my Facebook friend, TeesPride, is making a good recovery from cancer, receiving very positive news from her specialist today.  Result!

Have a cheerful day, won’t you!

Equal, but not the same

This public improvement film shows us all that men and women are indeed different.  No, it’s just about anatomy.  (By the way, the clip is from a 1990’s British comedy series.)  Women’s brains are different from men’s.  If you ever want to read about the differences between the two different genders’ brains, go to your library or local bookshop or Amazon dot wherever, and order yourself a copy of any of their books.  If you want try a little experiment, place a copy of Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love on your coffee table before you have guests turning up for your birthday party.  It’s amazing how quickly people do a double-take and grab the book to look for the sections on sex and on love.

Barbara and Allan Pease are right.  No matter what:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Creed
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Level of education
  • IQ
  • etc, etc

men and women are radically different.

I’ve learnt this in recent weeks.  Schatz has started a new job, and it’s not a bed of roses.  When she’s been talking to me about issues at work, I’ve acted in a very man-like way (combined with the business analyst approach) of finding a solution to a problem.

  • What is the mess?
  • What are the options?
  • What is the best option?
  • How do we get to that option?

While sitting in Starbucks on Königsallee, Düsseldorf, this morning, it then dawned on me that women don’t always want a solution when talking about a problem.  Often, they want and need TLC, a kind word and a listening ear, not “helpful suggestions” and:

  • Have you ever considered…?
  • Why don’t you…?
  • If I were you, I’d…

We live we learn.  I need to take Diogenes’ advice:

We have two ears and one mouth, because listening is twice as important as speaking.

Have an attentive day, won’t you!

Year Zero, Day Zero

Actually, Year Zero is not a particularly nice expression.  I’m old enough, at 45 years and one day old, to remember the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Nonetheless, why should the Devil have the best tunes?  Why should a bunch of murderous dictators have the best sound-bites?

My plan for Year Zero: essentially start afresh.  We are where we are.

I like travelling by train.  For one thing I like to sit and listen to my favourite earworms and plot out my things to do list in my head.

So, the plan for the next 24 hours is:

  1. Start on the next translation text for the ex-chaplain.  It’s the only way forward to get closure.  It also gives me some purposeful activity during the day and will help to stop the mental “tap on the shoulder” every time I think of this unfinished work.
  2. Contact the Hausmeister and get him to sort out my leaking toilet.  It’s a mundane, five minute job and will make me – and my Schatz – much happier.
  3. Restart on diet and fitness regime.
    1. Stand on the scales as soon as I emerge from my pit tomorrow morning.  Whatever the weight, we are where we are.  Success is about where you’re going to, not where you’re coming from.
    2. Head off to the shops and buy only healthy food.
    3. Stroll into the Altstadt for an hour or two’s brisk walking.  Like my Grandma used to say, “Get out into the bloody fresh air.  It’ll do you good.”
    4. Daily food diary to my ever-patient personal trainer.
  4. Plan out extra job hunting task.  I think this week may call for time to get suited and booted and call in to a couple of job  agencies on Königsallee.

OK, that’s enough plans for the next 24 hours.  Time to tidy up the living room coffee table, pour a big mug of tea and get the remaining three chaplain translations out and ready to start on in the morning.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful piece, sung by Joan Baez.

We Shall Overcome

Have a purposeful day, won’t you!