Mach mal lauter

I haven’t heard this number for years.  George Fame has such a distinctive voice.  I would have to wrack my brains to think of a song that sounds like this ballad.

Have a famous day, won’t you!

Mach mal lauter – Genosse!

I stumbled upon this rather catchy and somewhat haunting tune when watching Das Leben der Anderen back in 2007.  This song was playing in the background in a cafe scene.  A quick bit of Google research, and I found it.  I think it was the best thing to come out of East Germany apart from the Trabant.  (Maybe not.)

Have a frank day, won’t you!

Mach mal lauter!

A lot of people forget that Elton John, notwithstanding his array of hits, did not have a solo number 1 until relatively late in his career, namely Sacrifice.

This following song was his first number 1, a duet with Kiki Dee from 1976.  BFBS Germany was constantly playing it.  That’s why it’s embedded in my memory.  (Oh, and the dungarees…)

Have a heart-breaking day, won’t you!