It’s Cheesy but I like it

Very middle of the road, toe-tapping stuff that was never really trend.  Too bad.  I like this Dawn number from the early 1970’s, in part because of the lead singer’s superb porn ‘tache.

Have a cheesy day, won’t you!


Machmallauter + DDR

Hello, Genossen.  I stumbled across this rather haunting song, Am Fenster, by City, while looking for YouTube videos on the East-West German border.  I think the music goes well with the scenes in the video.

Have a haunting day, won’t you!

Mach Mal Lauter!

Some of you may have been fans of Film ’79, ’80, ‘yy, etc, review programme, starring Barry Norman and Jonathan Ross.  I was personally never a fan of the programme or the presenters.  However, you may remember the theme tune, which was an instrumental of I Wish I Knew How It Would Be To Be Free, written by Billy Taylor.

I myself like the instrumental version.

Some might like the Nina Simone sung version.

Which version do you prefer?

Have a free day, won’t you!


German Anglophiles

The Germans are big Anglophiles – despite Brexit.  They love British pop, and also pomp… and ceremony.  German TV broadcasts Trooping the Colour quasi-live.

The Germans also love Last Night of the Proms, especially the singing of Rule Britannia!  You don’t have to be:

  • A bigot
  • A little Englander
  • Xenophobic or racist
  • A Brexiteer (sorry about the bad language)

You just have to join in with the Brits in a bit of tongue-in-cheek, slightly self-effacing, musical fun.

In recent years, the soloist leading the singing has been:

  • Swedish
  • Maltese
  • Peruvian
  • And this will shock you – even a Welshman!

The Night has also become ever more inclusive.  Last year I was heartened to see people happily waving the Irish tricolour at the public broadcast in Belfast, as well as Union Flags and “red hand” flags.  This is a sign of true peace and progress in Ulster.

So, open your lungs.  Open your mouth wide.  Please be upstanding.  Join in with this marvellous rendition.

Have a Britannic day, won’t you!