It’s Cheesy, but I love it..


Now, two things about this seventies hit.

  1. It’s a cheesy toe-tapper song.
  2. What a p0rn ‘tache, though!

Have a cheesy day, won’t you!



Variety is the spice of life.  If you like Marine Corps cadences, such as, I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor, you may like this song and this version, sung by the Rhodesian African Rifles.  Muhondo!

Have a sweet day, won’t you!

Scrapbook: Memory

My scrapbook had been pretty dormant the past two or three years, new content being mainly service sheets for funerals of members of the congregation where I’ve attended as church warden/verger/dogsbody.

One item that I will always appreciate is the regimental condolence card that the SLOB’s (Scarlet Lancers Old Boys) sent me after my Dad, Sunray, died on 16 January this year.  A British Army cavalry regiment is truly a band of brothers.



The words on the inside of the card come from the regimental song, Old Stable Jacket. Sing mit!

Have a brotherly day, won’t you!