I went stationery shopping this week.   Life in the fast lane, eh?  The most important purchase:

  • A pocket address book, nice and flowery, just 50 cents

On yesterday’s public holiday (Christi Himmelfahrt: Ascension Day) I bought myself a large filter coffee and sat in a certain coffee bar.  Being a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, I was able to sit alone at my table, slurp my coffee and visit the loo in peace.  But I digress.

Out came my A4 notebook.  Quick, scribble down a few ideas for blog articles (and not just about Billy No-Mates, “the gift that keeps on giving” in terms of blog content).  Then out comes my old address book (from early 2013) and the new one.  Hand-copy from old to new.

  • Him… hmmm yes.
  • Her… oh aye, I’d forgotten her.  Definitely not. Anyway I un-friended her off Facebook three years ago due to her non-stop sharing of “20yy is going to be my year…” posts and pictures of 5kg tubs of protein powder and sports centre updates.  (You get the idea.)
  • Him, nope. He never bothered keeping in touch anyway.  Always really busy with an important file to complete this afternoon.
  • Her, yes, definitely.
  • Him.  No, he’s died since then.

And then to write in some new people’s contact details: snail mail, email, landline, mobile, pager

Today I threw my old address book into the Altpapier bin.  Burning it would be considered inappropriate in this country…  Next address book review: 2023 – probably.

Have a cathartic day, won’t you!



2 thoughts on “Cathartic

  1. Aussortieren ist immer gut😘

  2. A new broom sweep clean. A new address book does, too…

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