Blood sugar diet: day 48 of 56

  • Starting weight: 122.4kg
  • One week ago: 118.3kg
  • Today: 119.5kg

Despondent? Nope.  It’s a blip.  Schatz and I went away for a weekend, staying in a lovely spa hotel.  Lots of nice meals.  Am I worried?  No?  Am I being complacent?  No.  I know that as soon as I’ve got back on track on the Monday, the weight comes off.  See my previous posts.  One positive side-effect of the heatwave is: my appetite gets suppressed, and that helps a lot.

So a short, sweet post.  As far as I’m concerned, the blips are part of BAU: business as usual.  So is the downward slope in weight over the weeks.


Have a BAU day, won’t you!


2 thoughts on “Blood sugar diet: day 48 of 56

  1. Will you continue this after your 8 weeks? I’ve enjoyed these blogs and your inspiration to help me over the last 7 weeks too.

    • Without a doubt. If I were doing it hard-core, at 800 calories a day, I’d have to give up for up to 4 weeks after the 12 week point. However, I am being less strict, and my diet will be a BAU, business as usual diet, a way of eating, a permanent feature.

      Glad to be helping you with your goals, too. Watch out for the blips and the bumps. 😉

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