A good night for Corbyn

A very good analysis.

Lion & Unicorn

It was a good night for Jeremy Corbyn. Those of us who had believed he was unelectable and would never become prime minister have been proved to be … well, right, as it happens. He hasn’t been elected as prime minister.

Nonetheless, it was still a good night for him. He may not have won the war in the country, but he won the battle inside the Labour Party; he proved that an Old Labour leadership was no more unpopular than the last knockings of New Labour under Gordon Brown.

For the Labour Party itself, though, it was a poor result. To have scored a third general election defeat in a row is not an impressive boast. Up against the worst government campaign in living memory, the party was still 58 seats behind the Conservatives. After the 2010 election, it was 48 seats behind.

The task, admittedly, was daunting. And…

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