Blood sugar diet: day 12 of 56

Drum roll…

  • Starting weight: 122.4kg
  • One week ago: 121.0kg
  • Today: 119.9kg

The first time I have been under 120kg in years.  I am happy.

Have a happy day, won’t you!


4 thoughts on “Blood sugar diet: day 12 of 56

  1. Keep up the good work Ginge!

    • That is my intent.

      I find the diet is quiet easy to stick to. Protein keeps me full. Saturdays after weigh-in is my less stringent day, when I tend to eat white bread rolls for breakfast and have a few carbs, eg Thai red curry with noodles, followed by After Eight ice cream. Tonight I am ordering an Indian takeaway, going to back to standard regime tomorrow.

  2. That’s an amazing achievement. Well done. I shall look forward to the next one. You have inspired me to just get back on and sort out my eating plans.

    • Why, many thanks once again. Today I have been good. Just five little jelly babies and two dextrose tablets when I was feeling a little hypoglaecemic.

      Three boiled eggs with a dash of Marmite: large bowl of salad: cheese, ham and mushroom omelette made with three eggs. I resisted temptation to eat half a spit-roast chicken.

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