Blood Sugar Diet: Day 5 of 56

Drum roll…  This morning’s KPI’s.

Weight: 121.0kg  (wow!)

Blood sugar: 66mg/dL (I think that’s the unit: it’s the one where the target range should be 80-120 units.)

Observation: I am not convinced that the blood sugar reading is totally correct.  Usually at 85 units I feel tingly and hypoglaecemic.  I do not feel like that at all.  Just perfect normal.  I did, however, find it hard to bleed enough when I pricked my finger.  Normally I produce a gooddot of blood.  This time was somewhat more challenging.  Curious.  Anyway, reasons to be cheerful.

Have a cheerful day, won’t you!


2 thoughts on “Blood Sugar Diet: Day 5 of 56

  1. What an amazing start. Well done on a great week 1 weight loss.

    • Well, to be pedantic, today would have been the 1-week point, but I prefer to weigh myself on Saturdays when I can have a lie-in.

      Today was a bit 2 steps forward, 1 steop back. We shall see. Watch this space. Main thing is, I tend to eat a lot less at lunch, and I’m enjoying the food. Main focus now needs to be to the Achilles heel of evening eating…

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