Blood Sugar Diet: Day 4 of 56

Sooo, story so far..

First 48 hours: slight headache, slight backache.  Sleepiness on the second evening.  Cold turkey, similar to a smoker giving up cigarettes!  Maybe both were due to dehydration.  I just cannot drink 2-3 litres of water a day.  On day 1, while working from home, I was weeing for England.  My urine is no darker (slightly yellow) than before the diet, so I’m not that dehydrated.  I’ll drink some lemon-flavoured mineral water, Rheinfels, this evening.

On toilet matters, I have passed stools only twice since starting four days ago.  Maybe it’s a combination of dehydration, being “egg-bound” and a need to replace the carbs with fibre.  Hence, as of yesterday I have been eating three Pink Lady apples a day.

  • Energy levels are far better.
  • No more “just got out of bed” feeling.  That should indicare improved blood sugar levels.
  • Concentration span and drive at work have improved.
  • Spending on canteen at work has gone down.  A big bowl of salad is €4, about half of what I was previously spending on lunch.  The salad is also filling.
  • No hunger pangs.
  • No cravings.  Let me just qualify that.  I was in my local cafe after work today, drinking coffee, writing my diary.  I felt a slight tingly feeling, maybe a bit of hypoglaecemia.  (Arguably a positive indicator.)  I therefore ordered a turkey, cheese and lettuce bread roll, my first proper carbs in days.  However, no “I could just murder a pizza” moments.  Despite sitting two metres away from beautiful cakes this afternoon, I had no interest in eating anything sugary.
  • One thing I have been doing is eating eggs (hard-boiled and scrambled) for breakfast.  To add a bit of tang, I’ve been adding a small amount of Marmite to the egg.  That also inserts a lot of vitamins into the diet, too.
  • My digital kitchen scales arrived today.
  • My copy of The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book is due to arrive this evening.
  • My phebotomist, who is by no means a salad-dodger, has ordered herself a copy of the book after I told her about the diet on day one, when she was taking my three-monthly HBA1C blood sample.

Overall, I am feeling pretty darn good, I have to say.

Tomorrow morning  I will do weigh-in and finger-prick blood sugar check.  Watch this space…

Have a low-carbs day, won’t you!



3 thoughts on “Blood Sugar Diet: Day 4 of 56

  1. Oh and I meant to suggest a remedy Ginge: raw unfiltered organic Apple cider vinegar mixed with raw unfiltered organic honey. Mix a tablespoon of each in a cup of warm water first thing in the morning. It’s supposed to be good for several things from improvement in the intestinal tract, detox, better energy, and more.

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