The Eight-Week Blood Sugar Diet

My name is Ginge in Germany.

I am obese.  I weigh 122.4kg.  My waistline is 120cm.  I am a type 2 diabetic. I am maxed out on tablets.  I do not inject insulin (yet).

I have tried various diets, as well as hypnosis.  Hypnosis has been the most effective method so far, dropping from 120kg down to 108kg in 12 weeks back in 2003.  A week ago I was chatting to an old classmate of mine, who is now a nurse.  She recommended the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet.  This is the book.

Minutes after chatting to the aforementioned classmate, I had ordered the book off Amazon.  Two days later the book arrived.  Schatz was away all weekend.  I dedicated myself to reading the book from cover to cover over the weekend.  The first section was all about VLCD: very low calorie diet.  I get the idea.  I whizzed that part, yellow highlighter pen in hand.

On Sunday I bought a pocketbook at the McPaper stationery shop.  This book has now become my food diary.  Everything gets jotted there.  Today I started in earnest.  Smoked salmon omlette for dinner.  Most pleasing to the palate.  On the way back from the supermarket  I called in at my local cafe.  Tempted as I was, I refrained from ordering my usual piece of cake or bread roll.

Nur eine grosse Tasse Kaffee, bitte.

The lady sitting at the table next to mine turned out to be from Croatia.  I ended up practising my very rusty language skills with her.

Dugo nisam govorio hrvatski.

One hour and three cups of coffee later, time to head home.  I had forgotten all about eating sticky, sugar cake.  As Barak Obama once said…

…Chuffed to bits.

Any cold turkey?  Any cravings?  So far – no.  Perhaps coincidentally a slight headache, though that may be caused by the dull overcast weather or slight dehydration.  I am following expert advice and drinking 2-3 litres of water a day while on this WOE (way of eating).  On the other hand, I think my blood sugar has already improved.  I feel more alert, energetic and awake already.  Maybe it’s also because I’ve also given up on drinking cola…  Nothing like a good de-tox.  Oh, and I feel a lot more cheerful and positive, with an improved attention span.

Today I decided to work from home.

Lead us not into temptation.

That way I avoided colleagues offering me sweets, birthday cake, encouraging me to go on, have the lovely dessert, etc.  Close confinement at work, with minimal food in the flat.  If it isn’t there, you can’t eat it.

It’s day 1.  Let’s see how it all looks on day 56.

Have a healthy day, won’t you!



6 thoughts on “The Eight-Week Blood Sugar Diet

  1. I wish you the best in your weight management Ginge. Sugar, especially here in the states, has been nothing short of an epidemic. Sugar is put in a lot of foods plus ones that you wouldn’t even think it would be. Manufacturers know it can be addicting, so it could be an ingredient to drive sales. You’re on the right path however. Decreased sugar consumption pared with adequate water intake and exercise will help you reach your goals.

    • It is a known fact that sugar is used almost like an addictive drug.

      So far – day 3 of diet – I went through cold turkey the first two days. I had constipation, probably due to a lack of water and fibre, and being egg-bound from breakfast of hard-boiled eggs. I was also quite tired yesterday evening, so I went to bed at 21:00 to rest up. Nonetheless I generally feel less sluggish.

      No cravings either. I need to step up drinking water, even though I am weeing a wee bit more than before.

      Onwards and upwards! Er, downwards..

      • The water will help. Now that it’s starting to warm up more, I personally find that helping in meeting my water consumption goals. Keep up the good work Ginge!

  2. Such a brilliant article. It’s very open and honest about how you are now at your starting level. This diet sounds very interesting and I’ll be following your progress on this to see how it works and what the difference is for you at the end of the 8 weeks.

  3. Thank you Nathanlovesvalerie. Watch this space. 🙂

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