What a weekend!

Normally Schatz and I spend the weekend together, either I spend the weekend at Schloss Schatz, or she spends the weekend at Schloss Ginge in Germany.

Last weekend was different.  I spent the weekend from Friday lunchtime till Sunday teatime with eighty members from church at a youth hostel on the German-Dutch border.  The theme of the weekend: Pleasing God.

What a weekend!

A core team had spent hours organising the weekend.  Think of a duck seemingly flaoting across the water.  We, the core team, were the duck’s webbed feet, unseen below the water.

What activities to put on?  In what order?  What if it rains?  What if someone falls ill?  Ah, yes, we have a nurse.  Who should be the guest speaker?  Should it be family service?  Communion service? Etc etc etc.

The Seven P’s came to my head from the days of helping plan Territorial Army exercises.

  • Proper
  • Preparation and
  • Planning
  • Prevent
  • Piss-Poor
  • Performance

And that preparation paid off.  No fights among the children.  No arguments among the adults.  Blessed with so much.

  • Fascinating, informatives talks by an engaging speaker, Lee Gatiss
  • Beautiful weather
  • Great fellowship
  • Walks through beautiful woods
  • Inspiring preaching
  • Bible quiz
  • Teach-in sessions on how to do skipping, using the skipping rope I had brought
  • Finally, the chance to watch people learning how to ride a unicycle (“Einrad”)

Will we do it again next year?  You betcha we will!

Have a hostelling day, won’t you!


2 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. Ich will auch dahin😊

  2. Solange du Einrad fahren willst…

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