RIP, Bettina

2016 has been a year when many celebs have died.  November 2016 was also when a non-celeb died.  (I hate that euphemism, “to pass away.”  What does that expression mean, anyway?)  Bettina, my ex-colleague from my first “posting” to Germany in 2000-2003, died “after a long illness” (the favourite euphemism for cancer, never chronic arthritis or backache).

When you’re moaning about the your bus being late, or your email server being down, or strolling round the just-opened German Christmas markets, please spare a thought for Bettina’s soul, her friends and her family.

Nobody wants to die early.  Nobody wants to die slowly.  Nobody wants to die.

I remember going to one funeral six years ago.  The minister said:

Heavenly Father, we thank You for B’s life.  We thank you for her death.

Yes, we do thank you for her death.  We want to live.  Do we really want to merely exist, in pain and suffering?  I don’t.  We thank You, God, for Your grace and ask You to welcome Bettina into Your arms.

Have a peaceful day, won’t you!


2 thoughts on “RIP, Bettina

  1. Hi Ginge. Death is a painful reminder of each of our immortal selves. I believe we’re sad because we don’t get to see our loved one anymore. At least not for a while. Yet, God is love and He is merciful. Perhaps you will see Bettina in His Kingdom. That is for God to decide. Really, to “pass away” in my mind, is to pass away from the world we know here on earth and to enter into the great unknown of what God has in store for each of us. Peace be with you brother!

    • Very true points. In fact, I was not in close contact with Bettina, so from a practical viewpoint I can’t grieve over her, only attempt to comfort her loved ones.

      It does make one think about life and death, however.

      Blessings to you for Advent.

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