The phantom shadow cabinet

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Lion & Unicorn

Sixteen months ago, I wrote a piece suggesting that one lesson Labour could learn from the catastrophic leadership of Ed Miliband was not to focus too heavily on one person: there was sufficient strength in the front ranks of the party (as compared to the Conservatives, at any rate) that a team effort would look more convincing.

At the time, the leadership contest had yet to be decided, and I was still working on the entirely mistaken premise that Yvette Cooper was going to win. On that basis I came up with a proposed front-bench line-up, drawing on what I thought were plausible options. And my point was that – regardless of political positions – Labour wouldn’t look too shabby up against David Cameron’s cabinet.

On reflection, I might change some of the choices I then made. I failed, for example, to find room for Angela Eagle or Tom Watson

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