“It is right to give thanks and praise…”

It is indeed right.  It is our duty and our joy.


At a recent meeting with our chaplain, I expressed the view that in our church we have a lot of people who give their God-given talents and time to the church, but perhaps don’t get sufficiently thanked for their efforts.

After that I got a pack of cheap’n’cheerful “thank you” cards off my bookcase that had been sitting next to the AA batteries, ink bottles and Blockbusters dictionary.  I decided to sign and address a few thank you cards:

  • To our webmaster
  • To the catering persons
  • To the safeguarding person

All in fountain pen with copperplate handwriting.  (Schatz says I have beautiful handwriting, but there again, she’s a doctor, so best I make no further comment. Knowhaddamean? 🙂

Deserving of more than a card was our chaplain’s wife, who does so much to keep the church going.

  • Weekly flyer
  • Stand-in cleaner when the cleaner has resigned
  • Catering
  • Sunday school teacher
  • Etc, etc, etc, usw, usw, usw и прочее, и прочее

For her, I decided to order a bunch of flowers, with a note in German.

Herzlichen Danke für Deine Hilfe in der Kirche.

No signature.  I decided not to claim the glory.  This was thanks on behalf of the chuch, not from Ginge in Germany.

Yesterday I needed fresh air an exercise.  Thus a 30 minute cycle ride to the church to laminate two notices for this coming Sunday.  While there, in for a penny, in for a pound, I went and did a bit of tidying-up in the church and church hall, just a few little jobs.

I came home to receive a heart-warming email from the chaplain’s wife:

I thank God that we have such good and godly church members.

Lump in throat.

Then today, I got a message from a fellow blogger:

I consider you one of the best writers I know. You have an.incredible grasp on language. Being multi lingual gives you a unique viewpoint so I love reading your blogs.

I think I’ll get a cheap’n’cheerful scrapbook and copy all my thanks and praise emails, messages etc, into it to read for whenever I feel a bit down.

Have a complimentary day, won’t you!



2 thoughts on ““It is right to give thanks and praise…”

  1. Well done Ginge! I wish I could attend your church and feel the togetherness your words express. If we don’t meet in this world, perhaps the Lord will seat us next us next to each other in His Kingdom. 🙂

  2. We do what we can. Body of Christ, etc.

    In fact, at our church, which is full of ex-pats, there is an amazing sense of community among the people. Needless to say, we always need more helping hands to dust-bust, make pots of tea and coffee, do the readings, lead interecessions. Ever heard the expression, “Pareto”? 🙂

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