Uncle Bill and his sticky buns

For all the pads brats out there…

Lion & Unicorn

Mr Owl and his wife had invited Mr and Mrs Badger to afternoon tea. And a very good tea it was too. There were three kinds of bread: white, brown and currant. There were Madeleines, doughnuts, Swiss roll and rich, black fruit cake. And, of course, there were sticky buns.

After the meal, Mrs Owl and Margaret Badger retired to the kitchen to do the washing-up. And Owl and Badger settled down in capacious armchairs in the lounge and lit their pipes. 

Nearly forty years ago, my father – who was an army bandmaster – was visiting the studios of the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) in Cologne, when he bumped into a man in late-middle age who had pink-rinsed hair and was dressed in full scoutmaster uniform. The costume, it turned out, was the man’s normal outfit for when he was broadcasting.

That’s a little odd in itself, but…

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