Starting over in Stuttgart

Tomorrow is a significant day. For the UK and for Europe. To my small but significant readers in the UK please go and vote tomorrow.

As one of the three resident Brits in a small town in Baden Württemberg I admit I probably stick out more than I imagine. Yes, I carry my reusable shopping bags, buy my fruit and veg at the local market and greet people in the Doctors waiting room but my accent gives me away every time. Up until now five times out of ten, my foreignness is ignored, its irrelevant to my purchasing of strawberries, washing up liquid and butter and it rightly goes uncommented on.

Suddenly it seems I’m not as inconspicuous as I’d hoped, and I’ve become interesting to the general public. I had a lovely conversation with another Brit on the phone as I walked up to the bakery this morning, and hung up maybe a…

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