My Pet Hates

I have a few pet hates.  One of them is, seeing people sitting on the train, feet (and therefore shoes) up on the seat opposite.  Another breach of “seatiquette” is people sitting on the train, tram, etc when it’s full, blocking the seat next to them with their bag or rucksack.  I always move to sit on that sit, just to see the tw*t tut and sigh and move their bag… even if I’m only getting off at the next station.

Another pet hate of mine is the person who cannot argue.  I like a good argument.  Think of the the Monty Python sketch.  Here is a good list of rules for arguing.


Have an argumentative day, won’t you!


3 thoughts on “My Pet Hates

  1. I’m all for etiquette even in supermarkets. My friends laugh at me if I take them shopping and tell them off for abandoning trolleys blocking other people looking at shelves, walking with no pattern back and too rather than doing a circuit 😄. Hehe

  2. Yup, I agree with you on that.

    Then there arethe people who walk down the street and then suddenly stop to gawp into a shop window or to chat to a buddy they’ve just bumped into. The next person that does that, I’ll jsut keep walking into their back rather than try to suddenly stop. Grrrr. Rant mode off…

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