Es Lebe Margot Honecker

In memory of the late, not very great, Margot Honecker, the Hillary Clinton of East Germany…

A teacher in the German Democratic Republic asks his class, ‘Who wrote The Communist Manifesto?’ Silence. He decides to ask one of the boys directly.
‘Fritzchen, can you tell me who wrote The Communist Manifesto?’

‘It wasn’t me, honestly!’ is the anxious reply.

The teacher, appalled, tells his wife about the incident. She tries to calm him by saying, ‘You should give him the benefit of the doubt, dear. Maybe it really wasn’t him.’

The teacher withdraws to a dark corner of his favourite bar to drown his dismay, and ends up telling the whole sad story to a stranger.

‘Now look here, don’t you worry. I’m from State Security. We shall find out who did it.’

A couple of weeks later, the two men meet once more in the same bar.

‘Comrade! You’ll be pleased to know that it really wasn’t Fritzchen. However, his father confessed.’


Have a comradely day, won’t you!


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