Friday Punfest

Continuing the theme of Ali’s headline challenge, I thought the following thread on Facebook was too good NOT to share.

Take a look at this picture.


This was taken on the hills, near Eston Nab, a local beauty spot in North-East England.  Who in their tiny mind goes around nailing ripped carpet to trees in a beauty spot?

Then the puns started…

Ginge in Germany: Whoever did that needs a good telling-off, a good carpeting.

Heather: Those rugs would better suit Donald trump than a tree.

David A: Are they Wilton ?

Craig Pancrack: Quality wit on the board tonight !

Ginge in Germany: I thought you’d think it was a “pile” of rubbish…

Ray: imbeciles from Franks Factory Flooring?

Ginge in Germany: Well, the culprits certainly do want flooring.

Kieron: I guess they just ‘felt’ like doing it

Craig Pancrack ‘Tacky’…

Paul B: Weres speedy gonzalas ?

Ginge in Germany: Underlay in this being reported is shocking. Let’s hope we nail the folks who did it.

Paul B: Tacked

Ginge in Germany: Have the Gazette been contacted about this, or will they just want to sweep it under the carpet?

Andrea: Will you lot get a grip!

Ginge in Germany: There must have been witnesses. The perpetrators would have received lots of “stairs” off people.

Ginge in Germany: Are the police underlay to the scene?

Kieron: Crime investigators are going up there tomorrow, so expect this area to be ( double-sided) taped off.

Ginge in Germany: Blame the outsiders, carpet-baggers.

Russ: Maybe there’s an underlaying problem here.

Seán: Tree Ruggers no doubt

Craig Pancrack: Carpet burns next time the hills are set on fire…

Ginge in Germany: I’ve heard the culprits headed off in a vehicle, in their car, pet.

Ginge in Germany: No point in skirting around this issue. Something must be done.

Ginge in Germany: Maybe drink played a roll in it.

Ginge in Germany: I know some people like to go up Eston Nab for a good shag, but that’s taking it a bit far.

Ginge in Germany: Well, this has been an entertaining yarn.

Kieron Moore The dyed in the wool members would snap them up

Ginge in Germany: This would have pleased Ali Brownlee on his BBC Tees headline challenge.

Ginge in Germany: We should walk over the people who did this. Do I have everyone’s backing on this?

Paul: All woven together

Ginge in Germany: Send a cable to the Gazette.

Paul B: Just looking there there might just be enough for me tortoise box!!

Ginge in Germany: That’s tortoise another use for the carpet.

Ginge in Germany: I see no snags in re-using that carpet.

Ginge in Germany: Well, yarn know, I enjoyed it. There could be worsted things to do. Were the carpets made of polyEston?

Julie: I’m guessing ‘swatches’ ??

Kieron Moore MAM, I need some carpet in me bedroom, the floorboards are cold! ..’Shut up Tyson.. carpets don’t grow on trees’

Ginge in Germany: Too tuft to be sure. Best to tread carefully.

Ginge in Germany: I’ve found out who did it. What’s your mobile number? I’ll need to texture.

Craig Pancrack: no end to the thread ! (pun intended!)

Ginge in Germany: This has got me in stitches.

Ginge in Germany: Well, I think weave had a good bit of fun tonight. Let’s keep everyone grinning. Now I’ll double back to bed.

Paul B: The trees are piling up.

Vinny C: Come on get a GRIP

Ginge in Germany: I think any plan to catch whoever did this is fundamentally floored.

Paul Bradley Rolling rolling rolling keep those carpets rolling shag piiiillllle!!!!

Tracey: They have no imagination, I could’ve made a cat scratch pole with that carpet.

Paul B: Give the fitters a break they where trying to give the tree some cover from the frost

Paul B: I think it was of a roll end….the cuts were a bit rough

Andrea: Think this Storey’s been done to death.

Ginge in Germany: Allied about that. Alack and Dallas, the puns are still rolling.

Neil S: This thread is getting thread bare ……

Ginge in Germany: Maybe someone wanted the hills to look rugged?

Barbara B: All this as left me a bit frayed

Ginge in Germany: Barbara B, I think we’ve got everything covered now. Those going to bed can lino-ing all is good.

Have a pun-packed day, won’t you!


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