Should we always pray for that miracle?

The big C.  That “short illness” that gets mentioned in obituaries and news reports.  My former colleague, B., has cancer again.  Four years ago she was treated for breast cancer.

Now it’s back.

With a vengence.

It seems the tumour cannot be operated on, so chemotherapy is the only option.  Sadly, the chemo has not been been effective, and it has made B. feel very unwell.  Judging by the text that a mutual colleague forwarded me yesterday, the prognosis is not good, with the chemo being stepped up, and B. not being able to work.

Today, I asked my house group to pray for B.  E, our house group leader, prayed for healing for B.  I prayed for that, too.  Then coming home tonight,  I wondered, should we always pray for a miraculous recovery (for want of a more suitable expression), or is it better to pray for comfort, peace, tranquility and acceptance of death when someone is probably terminally ill?

I don’t know the answer.

Have a prayerful day, won’t you!


One thought on “Should we always pray for that miracle?

  1. It is only three I pray she will recover and be healthy again and totally happy

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