My Ideal Job

  • At 8: Train driver
  • At 11: Doctor
  • At 14: Definitely not doctor.  Take three science subjects and be taught by “Anal Retentives’R’Us”?  Er, no, thanx!
  • At 16: Interpreter
  • At 18: Soviet Studies analyst (Gorbachev had just come to power)
  • At 22: Tax inspector
  • At 25: Anything, absolutely anything! (I’d been on the dole for 18 months.)
  • At 37: Teacher/mental health nurse.  (There was arguably little difference in the jobs.  I chose the wrong one.  He who can, does.  He who cannot…)
  • At 46: Business analyst (Happy to remain so.)

Have a careerist day, won’t you!


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