Henning Wehn – What a Zufalll! What a Weekend!

So Christmas Day 2014 I ended up trawling the booking website, and finally booked our tickets to see Henning Wehn…

July 25th in York.   Quite an advance booking.

Fast forward to 25th July.  Schatz and I are on the train which is pulling into York.  I look out onto the platform.  Who do I see?  The Great Man. the German Comedy Ambassador, himself.

I dashed up to him.

Herr Wehn, ich bin ein grosser Fan von Ihnen.  Ich freue mich sehr auf Ihre Show heute Abend.

Super.  Wo kommen Sie denn her?

Ich bin aus Düsseldorf.

(Funny look from Henning Wehn, thinking, “strange accent for someone from DUS.”)

We shook hands.  Then Henning Wehn said goodbye.

That evening Schatz and I went to his show.  All sold-out.  A great evening.  Much to my surprise, he did not make much of a song and dance about HM Queen and her dodgy childhood hand gestures.  Thhe best laugh of the night was when he mentioned the burn scar on his right arm.  In the nect breath he said, “So the other month I went to see the Formula One…  No!  No!  Please!  I promise you, this is not a Nikki Lauda joke!”  That brought the house down, with the Brits and their dark sense of humour.

Afterwards Henning Wehn happily chatted with the audience, signed merchandise and posed with fans.  Schatz and I then headed back to the hotel, drank some cocktails and headed straight to our pit.

Have a comedic evening, won’t you!


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