Visit to London Jewish Museum

North London.  Well known for having the bulk of Britain’s Jewish community.  You’ll always get a good bagel round Golders Green.

An aside: there’s an old Jewish joke.  Road sign in North London:


I digress.  Quite a faith-centred Sunday, beginning with waking up at 06:00 to my home radio station’s God-slot show, the Mike Hill Show.   Then off to the local Anglican church in Camden.  Very Anglo-Catholic.  Smells and bells.  I even met a lady from Saxon… as I could tell by her accent after a few minutes.  (Nicht vergessen: Über 60 Millionen Menschen können nicht richtig Ostdeutsch sprechen… macht was dagegen!)

I digress again.

After church a visit to the London Jewish Museum.  Very welcoming, informative museum, very interactive.  Far better than the Berlin Jewish Museum, all stuffy and full of glass cases.  A lot I never knew about the contribution of Britain’s Jews.  One of the staff there is able to trace her family tree back to the times of Oliver Cromwell. I was impressed.  I can only go back to 1890.

Go if you get the chance.  It’s closed on Saturdays.

Have a cultural day, won’t you!


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