A big thank you

A big thank you to my compatriot in the Düsseldorf Altstadt branch of Maredo steakhouse, who gave me and my Schatz the pleasure of his company last Saturday evening.

  • Thank you sitting five tables away from us, all on your own (Billy No-Mates.)
  • Thank you for pacing up and down while phoning your friend (maybe your only friend).
  • Thank you for hovering 5 metres away from me and Schatz.
  • Thank you for talking so loudly about the fact that you had
    • Been to Cologne
    • Your f’ing flight had been delayed
    • You had had a good skinful in the Altstadt last night
  • Thank you for shifting yourself back to your table after ten minutes, when Schatz and I had slammed our cutlery onto our plates and glared at you.

If a three year old can learn to sit quietly and entertain themselves on their computer game or with crayons and a puzzle book, then why can’t you?

Have a well-mannered day, won’t you!


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