Another apparatchik gone

Jim Murphy.  Most people outside of the UK have not heard of him.  Most people within the UK have probably not heard of him.  He was until last week a Labour MP.  He was until today the leader of the Scottish Labour Party.  Now he really does need to update his CV.  Can someone send him a copy of this book please?

Job Hunting and Career Change for Dummies

His CV is classic modern Labour Party.  No real-world experience, though he does play football.  Just politics, politics, and, er, more politics.  Has never run a business, has never been on the shop floor.  He was President two years in a row of the National Union of Students UK, the classic route for many a Labour Party apparatchik.  But guess what, he never even graduated.

Labour Party, do yourself a favour.  Do the British people a favour.  Get rid of the apparatchiks, and get the people with real-word experience.  Er, you still believe you are the working (wo)man’s party, I presume?

Have a careerist day, won’t you!


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