The German Comedy Ambassador – Henning Wehn

Henning Wehn.  I think he’s great.  His kind of comedy might not go down too well.  Actually, maybe it would, given the popularity of Er ist Wieder Da, Timur Vermes’ biting satire on Hitler and the cult of celebrity.  Personally I always thought Tony Bliar was a cult.  Oh hang on, no, I was thinking another word.  Blame the Guardian typesetters…

Anyway, back to Henning Wehn.  Some describe his comedy as black, gallows, or just plain warped.  When I saw the name of his first album, I thought, “I want that.”  The title?  My Struggle.  Schatz took a sharp intake of air on hearing the title and then within a nanosecond translating into German: Mein Kampf.  Personally I think Henning Wehn is the funniest thing to come out of Germany since Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, that great 1980’s British comedy-drama set in, guess where, Düsseldorf.

Now, there’s a thought.  I wonder if Polish TV of this decade has a series called, See You, Kohane, starring Polish plumbers, slumming it in Peterborough.  Who knows?

Back to Henning Wehn.  After trying for months to get suitable tickets for his show, Eins, Zwei, DIY, on Christmas Day 2014, we hit the jackpot.  I got to July.  He’s performing in York.  Two seats booked.  Once I get paid in May, I am going to book a nice hotel room for myself and Schatz for that weekend.  And because Herr Wehn is a great marketing man, I fully intend to get selfies with me and Schatz and the German Comedy Ambassador to Britain at the end of his show.  Watch this space.

Deutschland über alles!

Have a comedic day, won’t you!


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