Pour Encourager Les Autres?

Drug smuggler executions

I was once a member of Amnesty International.  I joined shortly after the Tianenmen Square slaughter of the summer of 1989.  Why?

  • I’ve believed, ever since I was a pads brat living on the East German border, that the world is a healthier place when everyone lives in a democracy with the freedoms that I enjoy
  • Ever since I was about 12 years old, I have been opposed to the death penalty
    • Too many miscarriages of justice
      • The Birmingham Six
      • The Guildford Four
      • The Cardiff Three
      • etc, etc
    • Life imprisonment is a far harsher punishment
    • It’s just barbaric
    • Almost everyone has the right to serving their time and coming out afresh

I am amazed at the number of people who say:

I’m opposed to the death penalty, but they knew what they were risking when they smuggled the drugs into the country.

Maybe they did, but they still deserve a second chance in life.  I can’t help but thinking, if these countries are so desperate to be rid of the scourge of drugs, how many of their government officials have accepted bribes to turn a blind eye to the smuggling.  Perhaps before starting on the foreign smugglers, a nice easy target, the Indonesian government should get its own house in order.

As for Lindsay Sandiford, I would not want her as my next-door neighbour, and maybe she knew what she was letting herself in for, even though the prosecution ask for a jail sentence, not execution, what will it achieve if the state machine guns her till she dies?  Will it save a single life?  People of faith, keep her in your prayers.  It is never too late for a reprieve, even for a President determined to be

tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime

(quite ironic, considering that was a slogan from a war criminal, Mr Tony Bliar)

Have a merciful day, won’t you!


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