Comedy Exercise – Give it a try!

So, another purchase from Blackwells last Saturday: Masterclass: Writing Comedy, last Saturday.  One day, I will do that stand-up spot, be assured.  Building up material all the time.  Always good to read around the subject anyway, get a new angle.  Does comedy have to be stand-up?  I quite enjoy writing comedic/humorous material in my blog, and Schatz seems to enjoy reading it, proving that Germans do have a sense of humour.  (I marched for days, when Schatz once commented on an observation I’d made about bl00dy foreigners in Germany, “Du bist sehr witzig.”  Oh, Schatz, you know how to make a man happy…)

On a long train journey (yet again), for a change, from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly, time to open up the new book.

Exercise 1 at the introduction.  Have a go yourself.  Let’s see what makes you laugh.

What makes you laugh?

Write down everything that made you laugh today.  Describe it in detail, and say why you laughed.

Have a comedic day, won’t you!


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