Raised by Wolves

I’m not a (stereo)typical Brit.  I speak foreign languages, namely:

  • Russian
  • German
  • Basic Italian
  • Rusty Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian (the language known until about 1991 as Serbo-Croat, which the native-speakers call “naš jezik” (“our language”), somewhat less of a mouthful

However, I regret to say, I do not speak Black Country.  Watching Channel 4’s new comedy show, Raised by Wolves, I’ve often had to ask, “What did they just say?  I need an interpreter, please.”

(For native German-speakers reading this article, imagine a comedy where everyone speaks with a very heavy Saxon accent.)

I’m going to order the box set next week.  I just hope it comes with subtitles…



2 thoughts on “Raised by Wolves

  1. Have a dialectic day,won’t you. 🙂

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