Switching off the self-pity button

For years I’ve always snored badly, a combination of:

  • Being a salad-dodger
  • Having sleep apnoea
  • Undiagnosed nasal polyps

So, about two years ago, after the ENT (=HNO) specialist told me I needed a nasal polypectomy, which I had two weeks later.

My first night after the operation I was in a bit of discomfort.  (Imagine some has shoved a couple of marbles up your nostrils, and that’s how it felt.)


2am.  3am. 4am.

Still not sleepy.

I walk to the end of my ward.  I sit at a small table.  A woman is sitting there, reading a magazine.  She is from the next ward along.

We get chatting.

What are you in for?

Oh, I had a nasal polypectomy yesterday afternoon.  It’s hurting, so I’m finding it hard to sleep.  You?

I’ve got cancer of the colon, so the doctor is doing tests.

All stated in a very matter-of-fact way.

It was then that I switched off my self-pity button.

Have a healthy day, won’t you!


3 thoughts on “Switching off the self-pity button

  1. Hast du schön geschrieben. Self pitty button 🙂

  2. Why, that’s very kind of you, Labaera. 🙂

  3. Ich meinte pity. …

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