Greek Debt: I have a great idea

Hey, Government of Greece, I have a great idea, while you are waiting to act like grown-ups.  As well as threatening to confiscate German assets, like the Goethe Institute’s building, as reparations for what they did in the war, why not also make it mandatory for every Greek citizen to stick their hand down the back of their sofa to get together money to tide Greece over while you negotiate the next bailout.  Why not also confiscate British assets, like Vodafone Greece’s network as reparations for the British stealing the Elgin Marbles off the Greek people?  Surely the Italians and Turks must also owe millions for all the damage the Roman and Ottoman empires did to Greece?

Have a grown-up day, won’t you?



6 thoughts on “Greek Debt: I have a great idea

  1. Was ist elgin marbles?

  2. Cough cough….:-)

    • That reminds me. When I boarded the train to DUS this afternoon, I acquired a copy of John Grisham’s novel, Das Komplott, that some kind passenger had forgotten to take with them. I will bring that with me next time I see you. 🙂

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