Make the punishment fit the crime

Lindsay Sandiford.  You may have heard of her.  Maybe not.  Presently she is on death row in an Indonesian prison for drug smuggling.

Quite an interesting case.  Even the prosecution did not ask for the death penalty, “just” (ISTR) fifteen (15) years’ prison sentence.  She says she did the smuggling because she had received threats against members of her family.  She was also at one time a nuisance neighbour when living in Cheltenham some years ago.  Thus, notwithstanding the Evening Gazette newspaper description of  her as a grandmother (and therefore cute and cuddly?), she has not endeared her to the British public.

Personally, I don’t know if she had received threats against her family.  I wasn’t there to see if it happened or not.  I just believe that the death penalty should never be applied, regardless of how heinous the crime committed.  Killing her will not bring anyone back who’s been killed by the evils of drug addiction, or their victims in turn.  I don’t believe it will have a deterrent effect on potential smugglers.

The death penalty is barbaric.

Have a merciful day, won’t you!


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