I speak Russian. Did I ever tell you that?  I’ve always been into history, politics and current affairs. I guess you probably realised that by now.  Politically I’m probably one-nation Tory/libertarian.  That probably goes back to my days as a pads brat living next to the East German border till the summer of 1978, then moving to the UK and experiencing the Winter of Discontent in 1978-1979.  I have, however, been a member of Amnesty International and still generally support the organisation’s aim.  (As an aside, I did once receive a reply to an Amnesty International letter I once sent, back in 1989.)

So, apparatchik.  What exactly is an apparatchik?  Here’s one definition:


An unquestioningly loyal subordinate, especially of a political leader or organization.
My one big observation of the Labour Party is, it is no longer the working person’s party, but more the urban metropolitan middle-class party (dare I say it – the Guardianista, chattering classes’ party).  I personally wonder if the Labour Party actually finds the white, working class a little bit distasteful, especially “them up north.”  They are not PLU’s (People Like Us.  Why does the Party have such a fondness for parachuting apparatchiki into constituencies, like Redcar, where they seem to think the locals would vote for a pig’s bladder on a pole, as long as it had a red rosette pinned on it?  (Ian Swales proved them wrong in 2010, though.)
I think of all the civil war in Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Labour group, with councillors being de-selected by the rear echelon.  Trying to create a local party in its own image?  I think of the new PPC, who is probably a very nice person, but she’s not local.  OK, nor was Mo Mowlam.  But why the need to parachute someone in?  Has she ever done a real job, or has she only taken the apparatchik path?  Pressure group/trade union official/assistant to an MP, etc.
Have a careerist day, won’t you!

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