Taking up a new/old hobby

So, Reading. A city/town in England, not just something you do with a book. A stroll round the town one Saturday. I see the Oxfam bookshop.  I love my books and my bargains, having in my time bought a copy of Gulag Archipelago, Cancer Ward and some other Russian/Soviet paperbacks… oh, and a biography of Frankie Howerd.  Titter ye not…

Then I saw a packet of stamps for sale, intended for stamp collectors, philatelists.  I decided on impulse to buy the packet.  It was only three pounds, anyway.  Next thing is to buy a book for keeping the stamps in.  They only cost about €2 from Amazon.

All this stamp collecting took me me back to when I was 12 years old and popped into a philately shop in Dorchester, Dorset, and bought my first set of stamps, including a Nauru stamp, which then cost a pound, about a week’s pocket money in those days.  I got a fair old collection after about three years.  Where did my stamp books go?  I’ve no idea.

Then I think of the South Georgia first day covers and British Antarctic Territory stamps that I ordered as a wedding present for an ex-colleague two years ago.

All that exotica, without evening having to leave my flat.

Have an exotic day, won’t you!


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