My Shopping List

Well, folks, a week today, I am going back home to Germany. What goodies to bring back from Blighty?

Yesterday I went to Poundland ( a bit like Ted in Germany) and got some good bargains, and no rubbish, either, including bike accessories, computer gear, plug adapters, all for a pound each. These little victories make me happy.

(As an aside, the last time I went shopping in one big supermarket, it was to buy  doughnuts and muffin for everyone in the office in Bracknell, Berkshire, for my last day on my contract.  The assistant said to me:

Doughnuts – it must be your birthday today?


No.  It’s my last day in the office before I move back to Germany.


Germany?  Wow, your English is excellent.

German Ginge:

Thank you.  I was born in Germany, but I am trying every day to improve my English.

(I wasn’t lying.  As a pad’s brat, I was born in Germany, in a British military hospital on the German-Dutch border.  I am also a big fan of

Here’s my list of things to buy before I go back.

  • Easter eggs
  • Coal tar soap
  • Lemon zest soap (Tesco brand)
  • Mature Cheddar cheese
  • Sainsburys sweet pickle
  • Yorkshire teabags
  • Marmite/yeast extract
  • Bovril/beef extract

Have a supermarket sweeping day, won’t you!


2 thoughts on “My Shopping List

  1. Coal tar soap? I think not… 🙂 Bovril is most pleasing to the palate, however.

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