The younger generation – how to amaze them

Schatz, who’s a doctor, once told me a lot of Brits are left-handed.  I’ve not checked that claim empirically.  Nonetheless, I do feel that being left-handed is like being part of a slightly exclusive club.  When I see politicians like Barack Obama and David Cameron signing treaties, acts and laws left-handed, I always raise my eyebrows and say to myself, “Ah, they’re left-handed, too.”  When I once observed my GP signing a prescription for me, I said, “Ah, you’re left-handed, too.”

“All the best people are,” she told me.  I’ll never argue with a doctor, especially a fellow left-hander.  In fact, I should have noticed earlier in that appointment that she was a left-hander, as she had used her left hand to check out a very sensitive part of my body.

Does it normally hurt when someone squeezes your …?

Well, funny you should mention it, doctor, but yes it does.  And after this appointment, I will not be cycling to work this morning.

So, how to amaze the younger generation?  Easy:

  1. Be left-handed.
  2. Write with a fountain pen.  I’m truly assimilated in this fine Teutonic land.  I use a LAMY pen.  See: .
  3. Sit opposite a 9-year-old on a train.
  4. Write in your notebook.  (No, not a small laptop.  A proper paper notebook, with a hardback cover.)

Result: one young lady watching in amazement as I write left-handed, a bit like Obama in this picture.  Even more amazement as I unscrewed the top of the fountain pain, inserted the nib into the ink bottle and filled the converter (not even a cartridge) with ink from the bottle.  This must have surely been a talking point on Monday at school…


barakHave a leftist day, won’t you!


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