Hypnosis: Session 5

So, enough of depression, lest you all end up needing Prozac.

Session five of Paul McKenna’s hypnosis track, Change Your Life in Seven Days, my first session since four days ago.

Has the hypnosis worked so far?

Honest answer: the jury’s still out.  Certainly, it hasn’t done me any harm, but it hasn’t suddenly made me take up marathon running, hug trees, catch up on all my jobs lists, etc, etc.  On the other hand, I have started, slowly but surely, to get me a bit of PMA (positive mental attitude).  I’ll keep on giving myself more sessions, ideally in the morning to start me off, or perhaps more practically when I go to bed, something I used to do when I first tried hypnosis for weight loss, dropping from 120kg to 108kg in twelve weeks, all with no cravings or huge effort at all.


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