Change Your Life in Seven Days: Approach the End of Day One

So, yesterday at 1600 I headed to my bed, not for a lazy lie-down but full of purpose.  Time to give myself a session of hypnosis, namely Paul McKenna’s track, Change Your Life in Seven Days.

Observations so far:

  • The track last 28 minutes
  • Yesterday I was out for the count from about 2 minutes into the track till 5 minutes before the end
  • I felt totally relaxed afterwards and could have done with another hour to lie down in bed and enjoy the “having a soak in the bath” feeling
  • I felt much less anxious about the future and jobs to do
  • I felt much more motivated about all the tasks to do
  • I have had another session this afternoon, my aim being to give myself a session of hypnosis every day for seven days

So, has the hypnosis made a difference?  Good question.  What about copper bracelets for rheumatism?  Clearly any changes could just be psychosomatic, or just coincidence.  But let’s see my achievements of today.

Today’s highlights:

  • Woke up this morning, looking forward to the day and the tasks ahead
  • Looked at my jobs list, thinking of the pleasure, reward and fulfilment of achieving each goal
  • Applied for a particularly suitable job, this time accepting SR’s tip from yesterday of adding a succinct covering email (five bullet points)
  • Two minutes after emailing my CV, a phone call from the agency, telling me my CV was a perfect match, and that the client needed someone “urgently – yesterday”
  • Emailed my old programme manager my CV, as I’d had a whisper yesterday that they would need to re-write the project requirements imminently.  Always handy to be on point in case they need me…
  • Chased another agency about a very interesting role I applied for last Wednesday
  • Cleaned and tidied the kitchen and cooked a nice brunch – no ‘mañana’ syndrome in the kitchen today
  • Did a pile of laundry – stashed a load in the appropriated drawers, another batch in the washing machine; the pairing of socks remains TBD (to be done) this evening
  • Headed to the English Library in the Altstadt
    • Donated my copy of The Bible for Dummies
    • Finished off the final two chapters of The History of the Tractor in Ukrainian (just a thought – does the father perhaps have Asperger syndrome?)
    • Donated my copy thereof to the English Library
  • Pondered where to write my diary
    • English Library?  Nah, needed a change of scene
    • Central Library?  A strong contender, as I’ve not been there for a couple of months, but then that would give me a sub-optimal public transport routing back home
    • Starbucks Königsallee – perfect venue!
  • Wrote today’s diary entry, my first positive, non-navel-gazing entry for weeks.  Starbucks has an excellent big table, ideally suited for sitting and writing, similar to carrells in a university.  Such a shame that the lady typing away on her laptop at that table seemed to think it was her own personal table.  Off you go, Genossin, tut away, and find a different spot.
  • Next session will be tomorrow morning.  Time management, an’ all that, I’m off to house group in the evening.
  • Next achievement planned is typing up and distributing yesterday evening’s church council minutes.  Then I can plan tomorrow’s jobs/tasks/achievements.

Have an hypnotic day, won’t you!




10 thoughts on “Change Your Life in Seven Days: Approach the End of Day One

  1. Aktiver Tag mein Lieber!! Und morgen die Socken?! Won´t you…

  2. Sock it to me, baby! 😉 Change Your Life in Seven Days; your socks, however, on a daily basis…

  3. Für Socken brauche ich irgendwie immer länger als 7 Tage 😉

  4. Sounds good, second time I’ve been told about meditation, hypnosis this week!

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