Family In-Jokes

If I were sipping a port and enjoying a cigar, what would the Colonel say to me?  Possibly this, if he were being generous.

Mattierzoll 1978.  Master Ginge in Germany and family visiting the old East German border on a fine, sunny Lower Saxony day.  The bird song and Anglophone chit-chat is suddenly broken by the plaintive cry from an old German lady: “Erste kommt der kleine Bunker, und dann kommt der grosse Bunker.”  


Needless to say, this receives no sympathetic reaction from the British military contingent, but simply becomes a long-standing family in-joke (especially among father, son and uncle), still enjoyed and savoured over three decades later, causing tears of laughter (or the occasional groan) all round.


Example situations:

  • Had a bit too much to drink?  Get your mobile out at 2300 and phone Sunray in bed, mobile not switched off, and tell him, “Erste kommt…”
  • Tell your nephew that even though you can’t speak Russian like he can, you can speak German… “Erste kommt…”
  • Want to introduce your lovely German girlfriend over the phone to your mum?  Plead with her to say, “Erste kommt…” and then hear both the A-party and the B-party calling out, “No, no, no…” or “Nein, nein, nein…”

It is true, men are just boys in long trousers.  Do you have any family in-jokes or catchphrases that nobody else understands?


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