August – The Predictable Topics

August is known as the “silly season” in the British media.  Not much news to report.  But there are the annual headlines that are guaranteed to appear every August:

  • Should Parliament be recalled every time a conflict somewhere in the world rears its ugly head?  This leads to subsequent headlines such:
    • Why is the Prime Minister on holiday?
    • Etc etc
  • Record year for for A-level results (for the German readership, Advanced level = Abitur)

Needless to say, every newspaper, whether local, regional or national, then has to show the obligatory photos of highly photogenic female A-level students doing the following:

  • Leaping in the air
  • Punching the air
  • Hugging each other
  • Doing cartwheels
  • Doing star jumps

All, of course, while exposing midriffs and looking generally very cute.

Now, can anyone suggest any new poses for next year’s cuties to try?  How about these?

  • “Footballer just scored a goal” team pounce on them
  • Formula 1 style shake the champagne bottle

Have a photogenic day, won’t you!


2 thoughts on “August – The Predictable Topics

  1. Bald ist deraugust vorbei…. 😉

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