The Simple Things in Life

The simple things in life that give the greatest pleasure at nil cost are (for me, at least):

  • Listening to Radio 4 (praise be to internet streaming)
    • The Shipping Forecast
    • Farming Today (the Germans seem to find the programme typical oddball, eccentric, quaint, British – which it is)
    • Sailing By (ditto)
  • A good book
    • Er Ist Wieder Da (Look Who’s Back) is full of dry humour, and I loved every page of it (
    • Sitting in the local library (Stadtbücherei) reading a good book.
      • Today I spent two hours reading The Bible for Dummies (a good book about The Good Book)
    • in my younger days I used to sit and twiddle my hair if I was really getting into the book I was reading.  No chance of that these days… 🙂

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