A moral dilemma

SO, stereotyping time. The premise: Brits are indirect, maybe over-polite; the Germans direct, perhaps bordering on rude.

A moral dilemma for you to think on.

I board my train. 1st class compartment. I go to my seat. It´s occupied by an elderly, though not infirm, man.

Do I ask him to move? Do I sit elsewhere, or stand for the next 30-minute leg of my journey?

Being English and not wanting “to make a fuss,” I decide to let him sit in my seat, for which I had paid €4.50 reservation fee.

On reflection, would I be so nice and English? Probably not.

  • He was not infirm.
    He was travelling first class.
    If you can afford to travel first class, you can afford to pay the seat reservation fee. If not, Pech, mein Freund, go and sit elsewhere in the carriage, where the spare seats are.

To quote the song by The Who, Won´t Get Fooled Again…

Any thoughts please?


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