We’re Protestant, we’re Proud…

Actually, relieved might be the more appropriate adjective, rather than those words from Billy’s Boys.  Today I attended the Roman Catholic first communion of the son of the Lovely Doctor’s cousin.  Does that make him a first cousin once removed?  Irrelevant…  Nice church, big.  Far bigger than my own Anglican church in DUS.  But, boy, was that service/mass long.  Nearly two hours long.  And standing room only.  Not my cup of tea.  But I’m glad I went.  Interesting to see how the other half live, how the other half worship.

  • Did the mass “add value”?  (A bit of business jargon there.)
  • How many of the first communicants and their families will worship there again (at least, in the near future)?
  • Given that the attention span of most children and even most adults is finite, why allow it to last so long?

It all seems to me, a practising low-church Anglican, a bit odd (British understatement) to make a child’s first exposure to church such a long, drawn-out, not exactly “user-friendly” event.  Roll on the next Anglican “espresso” service at Marktkirche next Sunday, to last, tops, one hour.

Meanwhile, enjoy this excellent clip by Dara.  Prod hymns may be lengthy, but that is as nothing compared to Catholic services. 🙂



4 thoughts on “We’re Protestant, we’re Proud…

  1. Die haben geredet und geredet und geredet und geredet….

  2. That Dara O’Briain clip is hilarious. Great stuff.

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