Mind Your Language – 21st Century Version?

Mind Your Language was compulsory viewing in the 70’s, on after World of Sport and before Play Your Cards Right on ITV.

To save me typing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_Your_Language

So, typical British humour, mocking the bl00dy foreigners.  It’s what that Inselaffen do best.  Nowadays the series is considered offensive and politically incorrect.  Personally, as a wasp (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), I find the programme pretty innocuous.  Other wasps say on behalf of the “bl00dy foreigners” that it is offensive.  Most BME (black and minority ethnic) people I know can speak up for themselves, thank you very much…

The biggest fans of the show that I have met are Kenyan and Indian.  Maybe because they recognise the irony in the show, or the that everyone is the subject of ridicule, including the very “proper” teacher.

Now, I have an idea for a post-modern, 21st century version of Mind Your Language to reflect the UK’s mulit-ethnic, multi-cultural society.

Teacher: Mr Khan, a Londoner with a broad London accent, born and bred in Bethnal Green E2


  • Jerzy, a Polish plumber
  • Sanjay, an Indian IT worker
  • Mehmet, a Turkish kebab shop worker
  • Tatyana, a Russian stripper
  • Ghiorghios, a Greek security guard

All moaning about the chavs…

Any thoughts, folks?


2 thoughts on “Mind Your Language – 21st Century Version?

  1. Ich mag den Inder gut leiden 🙂

  2. Oh blimey. A thousand apologies. 🙂

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