Guten Rutsch!

So, another year.  Welcome to 2014.

What was New Year’s Eve like in the UK?  Booze, booze, booze, brawling and p155ing it all up against the wall, probably literally, then greeting the new year with the famous words:

I am never going to drink again.

Germany was somewhat more sedate.  No rip-off admission prices at the local pub.  No-one to produce material for Booze Britain, Cops on Camera, etc.

  • Stay at home with the lovely Doctor.
  • Watch 3Sat.  P!nk in concert: amazing.
  • Early evening power-nap till 2330.  Needed in middle age if you want to see the new year in.
  • Ramazotti for neighbours after “the bongs”: nobody at home.  So, scrapped that this year.
  • Dinner for One: missed it again.  Was too busy enjoying P!nk.  Never mind.  The same procedure as every year, I guess.  Anyway, we had dinner for two.  Raclette.  Dee-lish.
  • SMS’ing all my friends in Germany, to make use of my 3000 SMS’s per month.  Receive two replies.  C’est la vie.
  • Launching fireworks seconds after the bongs, together with the rest of Essen.  Never had so much fun since the last time I was on Catterick ranges, hearing the megaphone blast out, “Targets fall when hit!  Watch out!  Watch out!”
  • Watching golden oldies songs from the 1970’s.  Donna Summer – I never knew she spoke fluent German.  Why do I always think of Abigail’s Party when I hear Love to Love You Baby?
  • Climbing into bed at 0130 and cuddling up to the lovely Doctor.
  • Finally, after 15 months, meeting the other Brit living in the lovely Doctor’s street.  A classic ex-military chat ensued, with acronyms galore, RAOC, RLC, CGS, ACC, RQMS, etc.

Frohes Neues Jahr!


4 thoughts on “Guten Rutsch!

  1. Ein tolles neues Jahr!! Alles Glück und alles was Du Dir wünschst.

  2. Ist Dinner for one wirklich wichtig für Dich? Ich wusste das nicht….;-)

  3. Long live Freddie Frinton! 🙂

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