Frohe Christmas!

So, a cross-cultural analysis.

UK: Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey.

Turkey roast dinner.  Turkey sandwiches  Turkey curry.  Turkey curry.  More turkey overload than watching N24 reports about bribery and corruption in a wannabe EU state.

Lots of relatives all cooped upunder one roof, the only thing they have in common, a mutual antipathy bordering on hatred, World War III only nanoseconds away as long-standing famly feuds are resurrected.  “Back in 1975, you placed a fork in the cutlery draw the wrong way round.”   (Surely a capital offence!)

Retort (which is the equivalent of pressing the nuclear button): “You’re just like your (expletive deleted) mother/father…”

Christmas crackers.

Corny jokes.

Paper hats (one placed on the dog’s head, shortly before his flatulence from overindulging turkey and stuffing stinks the whole house out).

Germany: Duck or carp dish.  Maybe even goose.  A bit more low-key than in the UK.

Exchange presents after Christmas dinner, which in any event takes place on Christmas Eve.  With the great German practical nature, this means for parents, no excited kids waking you up at 0500, begging to open their presents that Santa had brought the night before.

No blockbuster film to sleep through after Christmas lunch.


  • The Great Escape
  • The Sound of Music
  • James Bond movie

But in both the UK and Germany, regardless of the present, whether Tonka toy or X-Box, the kids still end up rapidly choosing to play with the cardboard box and not the game or toy inside.

Me, I’m just happy with my Amazon vouchers and the best present, the presence of the lovely “bl00dy foreigner” in my life. 🙂


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