Away, the L(a)DS!

So, Carols by Candlelight at my church.  (Let me qualify that: “my church” in the sense of “the church that I attend, and of which I am a member”.)  A wonderful service, and a huge congregation of 200+ people.  Fantastic singing, too.

Five to ten minutes before the end of the service, in come two young men in interview suits, interview haircuts, looking all-American.  It’s a Sunday.  People even now wear Sunday best.

Roger so far.

But GingeInGermany noticed something amiss.  Alarm bells ringing.  Each of these “nice young men” was wearing a name badge.

Elder Duckenbauer/wotever

Church of the Latter-Day Saints

I was not a happy Anglican.

  • How dare you come into an Anglican church shortly before the end of service, wearing the name badges of your pseudo-religion?
  • How dare you groom a vulnerable family in our congregation and think you can “befriend” them to ensnare them into your pseudo-religion?
  • How dare you think you can get away with that?
  • Why do all your elders look like members of the Hitler Youth?

Before anyone accuses me of being sectarianism, let me say this.  Had these two representatives of Mormonism come in with no name badges, “off duty”, I would have welcomed them with open arms.  By wearing their name badges, they were acting like marketing people from Tesco walking into Sainsburys, handing out leaflets, to use a perhaps trite analogy.

Luckily our chaplain was on the ball, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee were shortly afterwards asked to remove their name badges or leave.

How dare you?  How dare you?  Go home to Bel Air  Salt Lake City.

Finally, have a read of this piece about Mormonism.


2 thoughts on “Away, the L(a)DS!

  1. Reg nicht nicht so auf 😉

  2. Bloody gatecrashers. 🙂

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