That flower on your pullover? What is it?

The British tradition in the early part of November is to wear a poppy in remembrance of our fallen of all conflicts in which British troops have served.  We support the men (and women), not the cause.  I’ve always worn a poppy in Germany.  Reaction here to my poppy has been always very positive much to my very pleasant surprise.  Perhaps the Brits have grown up out of the churlish “two world wars and one world cup” mentality?  Perhaps the Germans can empathise even more since they, too, lost some of their sons, husbands and fathers on operations in Afghanistan.


Heartening to see so many of the congregation at Christ Church Düsseldorf yesterday wearing their poppies.  Truly humbling to be asked to be one of the three members of congregation to lay a wreath.

God bless all who suffered and lost loved ones in war.  God bless those orphans like Herr EK who never even got the chance to know and love their fathers, lost in war.

John 15:13  Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Johannes 15:13  Niemand hat größere Liebe denn die, daß er sein Leben läßt für seine Freunde.


2 thoughts on “That flower on your pullover? What is it?

  1. Super geschrieben!

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