New Japanese Face Masks Let You Chow Down on a Burger While Maintaining Your Dignity

What a great idea!


Hey ladies, want to go town on a giant bacon double cheeseburger and maintain your dignity? A Japanese burger chain has you covered. .

Freshness Burger, a national fast food chain in Japan, realized that they had a problem: Due to cultural beliefs, some women wouldn’t eat the restaurant’s large-sized Classic burgers in public. “Ochobo,” or the belief that small mouths are the pinnacle of beauty paired with the fact that it is considered well-mannered to cover one’s mouth while eating, was getting in the way of women chowing down on a giant burger.

So Freshness Burger came up with a plan: A sneakily designed burger wrapper that covers the diner’s face and printed with an “ochobo” mouth. The so-called “Liberation Wrapper” means that female diners can dig in to a Classic Burger with all the fixings without being rude or forsaking their beauty standards. According to the video posted above…

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