Brits beat about the bush; Germans are blunt and direct?

So, the 1519 RE2 train from Essen to Duesseldorf.  Each carriage packed full of bodies.  Standing room only.

Well, not quite.

Several passengers using their suitcases and rucksacks to keep their double seats to themselves, a very “jack” (British Army expression: selfish) thing to do.  So, who was the first standing passenger to do anything about it, rather than just “meckern” and moan to themselves.  A German or an Inselaffe?

GingeInGermany to woman avoiding eye contact with him:

Excuse me.  Is this your suitcase on the seat next to you?

Suitcase woman:



In that case, you won’t mind me moving it into the aisle.

Suitcase woman:

But it’s heavy.


I’ll lift it.

Moderately heavy suitcase lifted into the aisle.  Moderately heavy GingeInGermany’s backside now sitting resplendently in seat.  Suitcase woman looking very sauer out of the window all the way till DUS.

Shortly before arriving at DUS Hbf, GiG gets up.  Suitcase woman eyes her baggage, as if to lift it back into its “rightful” seat.  But GingeInGermany is on a roll.  He has other plans.

GingeInGermany to lady standing in the aisle:

Excuse me, would you like a seat?

Aisle lady:

Yes, please!


Well, I’m getting out at DUS.  You can have my seat.

(Suitcase woman looks fuming (sehr sauer).

GingeInGermany stands up, takes his bags and says sweetly to Frau Suitcase Woman,

Herzlichen Dank.  Das war super lieb von Ihnen!  Alles Gute wünsche ich Ihnen!


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